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Amazon’s Apple Watch killer will be free and sell you everything

Enhancing a once-in-a-lifetime event, such as a wedding proposal or ceremony, with the right song takes the experience to a whole new level. It adds a personal touch that makes for ongoing memories, as couples have the opportunity to play the song at anniversaries or other special events through the years.

Just in time for anyone planning to propose on Valentine’s Day (or any day), an original song called "The First Time," by Del Henry, makes its debut February 1, 2019, on multiple channels, including iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, Google Music Store, Shazam, and many more.

Amazon’s Apple Watch killer will be free and sell you everything

The release of the song coincides with a release of a video. The video version of "The First Time" being released is, in fact, the first time the song was performed live, at a wedding as a gift from the groom to the bride, and her reaction says it all."How can I say, in a most simple way/My living started when you came that day/ How can I tell you when all’s said and done/ My Heaven started with you as the one.

"Many couples can relate to these lyrics. The song stands out as an example of the power of music to capture a moment and move an audience, so it is both a personal and a shared experience.Many of the guests seen in the video of the song’s debut are as emotional as the bride, because the lyrics evoke memories of their own shared lives and ongoing love stories."It’s truly a story about how and why couples come to the moment when they want to be together … ‘eternally,’ says David Shewmaker, the Minister conducting the ceremony."As a Groomsman, I could see

Brandon’s live performance and saw the audience’s response, which was electric and moving. I was hearing the song for the first time too," says Tim Delany, a 23-year-old college graduate.Lyrics such as "The first time I felt your eyes touch mine/The first time I felt your smile" can be part of the setting of a proposal on Valentine’s Day or any day, but they are equally appropriate for an anniversary, whether a first or a fiftieth, or simply to thank someone for bringing joy to your life.

Use the song to show your affection for someone who matters to you, share the heartwarming video, and appreciate the skill of 18-year-old musician Brandon D. Henry, who performed "The First Time" for its first time at the recent wedding shown in the video, accompanied by master guitarist Dave Murdy. Watch the video of the song at: Song: "The First Time" – LIVEProducer: Del HenryBand: LisZenUp HouzeBandLyrics Written by Del P Henry Jr© 2019 Del P Henry JrAll Rights ReservedLead Vocal by Brandon D HenryMaster Guitarist: Dave Murdy

Haunts of the Heart: Landscapes of Lynn Zimmerman

Now is the ideal time to revisit your travel bucket list. Before you choose your destination based solely on a list, though, reflect on the types of experiences that really gratify you – culinary, history, culture, adventure. Then craft your ideal vacation from there.Seek out a well-established leader in experiential travel to give you a taste of what it’s like to be a local and then some – whether it’s cooking classes in a Tuscan villa or bathing with elephants at a Thailand sanctuary.

"At Blue-Roads Touring Company, we immerse our guests in a region’s culture and customs," says Ed Pettitt, General Manager."We take them to places that are difficult or next to impossible to plan and explore on their own. Fun, enriching visits into local homes to share authentically prepared meals. Outings to farms, orchards, vineyards. Even treks to the frontlines of Europe’s most famous battlefields.

Haunts of the Heart: Landscapes of Lynn Zimmerman

"If great literature moves you, you’ll get an intimate look at William Shakespeare, regarded to be the world’s greatest English-language author, dramatist and poet. As part of Blue-Roads’ Heart of England tour, you’ll venture to Stratford-upon-Avon to delve into the Bard’s life, including his timbered childhood home and wife Anne Hathaway’s thatched cottage.Passionate about gardening, or simply just love floral splendor? The world-renowned Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show puts you in the center of the sensory pleasures of England’s greatest gardens.Is cuisine a top, or the utmost, consideration?

Focus on authenticity and diversity above price in deciding what to eat, drink and do. Blue-Roads indulges its guests with many options such as, sampling some of the world’s best street food in Hanoi, Michelin-starred dining in Spain, or savoring fresh shellfish right off the boat in Gallipoli.The best culinary trip delights more than your palate. It informs and engages you, too. Explore how grapes become world-class varietals or how milk is crafted into mozzarella. Share in the tradition and ceremony of High Tea. Culinary experiences bring you together with others and encourage cross-cultural understanding.

A personally fulfilling itinerary elevates your precious time off. Key to that is your individual space and discovery time. Seek out the destination expert who strikes a balance between organized activities and downtime. Blue-Roads favors quality over quantity, thoughtfully curating a select number of unforgettable experiences while also ensuring you of time to relax, recharge and unwind.

Their careful combination of specialized excursions, sightseeing and personal time encourages you to dig deeper into the many layers of a destination. Instead of merely returning home with items checked off from a travel to-do list, they ensure that you return with expanded experience and knowledge. You’ll relish your trip for years after – perhaps when you try out that recipe for delicious eastern European pierogi or use that tongue-twisting phrase learned at the Welsh Language Heritage Centre.As you create your next vacation, start with what’s meaningful to you, and what brings you joy.So choose a trusted, inspired tour partner such as Blue-Roads. Your special trip will unfold from there.

Microsoft Subsumes Open Tech Unit Back Inside Mother-ship

Fans of wholesome television have a double treat in store, as the UPtv network launches its new series, "Design Twins," on Valentine’s Day.The reality series makes its debut at 8 pm Eastern time (ET) on February 14, and features twin sisters, Heidi and Heather, who team up to start an interior design business aimed at providing families with creative, beautiful and functional spaces.

To get the new venture off the ground, the twins move their families in together to save money and increase efficiency.Viewers can empathize with their challenges as the twins, together with their husbands and a total of seven children under the age of 6, work to nurture both their families and their growing business, aptly named "Joyful Living."The Atlanta, Georgia-based UPtv makes it a full

Microsoft Subsumes Open Tech Unit Back Inside Mother-ship

night of love for Valentine’s Day this season by also airing the much-anticipated wedding of Josie Bates and Kelton Balka at 9 pm ET on the popular series, "Bringing Up Bates," following the premiere of "Design Twins."The wedding features a picturesque outdoor country setting and plenty of family participation in the festivities."At UPtv, we celebrate family and life’s biggest moments," says Amy Winter, general manager and evp.

"We are excited to add ‘Design Twins’ to our Thursday night lineup as we continue to bring viewers uplifting and inspiring stories."Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and romance, but the network keeps heartwarming stories upfront year-round with new episodes of UPtv’s hit series on Thursday nights, movie premieres on the weekend and fan-favorite acquired series throughout the week.

UPtv continues the themes of love and family in 2019 with UP Faith & Family. The streaming service offers a variety of commercial-free, faith- and family-friendly entertainment anytime, anywhere. UP Faith & Family offers endless hours of movies, drama series and kids’ programming. It’s also the exclusive home for past seasons of UPtv originals.In February, UP Faith & Family will be adding the wedding-themed reality series, "Our Wedding Story," and "Crazy Beautiful Weddings," as well as other romance-themed programs, including the movies, "Bridal Bootcamp" and "Love’s Last Resort." New titles are added monthly.

Prospective viewers can enjoy a 14-day free trial of the service by downloading the UP Faith & Family app or visiting more information about UPtv, go to or check for updates on Facebook at, Twitter on @Uptv and Instagram at UP_TV.

Traveling Tends to Magnify All Human Emotions

More women than ever before are realizing they need to make their money grow for them. For decades, we’ve been hearing about an “investment gap” between males and females. And while it still exists, a whopping 72 percent of women in a new survey by Fidelity Investments said they’re ready to make bolder moves in the coming months – including investing more of their savings.

“Women tend to be the CFO of their household,” says Kathy Murphy, president of personal investing at Fidelity. “They tend to pay the bills, they tend to make 80 percent of the purchasing decisions. This (investing) can be part of it.” The point about investing more of savings is crucial.

Traveling Tends to Magnify All Human Emotions

While 44 percent of females polled for the firm’s “2018 Women and Investing Study” were currently putting their money to work in the market beyond just retirement accounts – that compares to 59 percent of men -more than a third of all women reported having $50,000 or more still sitting in checking and savings accounts that pay a pittance in interest. And that third or so includes those who do invest outside of, say, company 401(k) plans.

But if even $20,000 of that cash was invested in a conservative portfolio mix? Over five years, in a typical market, the money could potentially swell by $5,733 vs. $80 in a basic savings account (and potentially $2,961 in a typical five-year CD). Millennial women would seem to be taking those numbers most seriously, which accounts for much of the optimism underlying the report.

The most beautiful people we have known are those:

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Forty-eight percent of them are already investing their cash, as opposed to about 40 percent of both Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. “This is the first time in the almost decade we’ve been doing this study that we’ve seen Millennial women on track to really lead the way,” notes Murphy. Don’t misunderstand: No one’s saying people – men or women – shouldn’t keep at least enough cash on hand in savings to cover three to six months of living expenses.

That’s a fundamental rule of thumb among financial advisors. And Murphy contends that women who do invest actually turn out to be “great” at it for this simple reason: They come up with a long-term plan based on their own or their family’s goals, and then they allow their investments to grow without tending to make the mistake of trying to time the market.

Tokyo Fashion Week Is Making Itself Great Again

The current startup business environment today is full of opportunities for investors who want to get in on the global economy. At the upcoming Global Startup Summit, a free online event, startups from around the world can network with each other and with investors for mutual benefit. The 7-day online event will be streaming on Each day is dedicated to a different region of the world and includes three sessions with experts in the tech-enabled business field, a panel discussion on investment opportunities and consumer trends, and pitches from two startups.

Key themes at the Global Startup Summit include early-stage investment opportunities, global consumer trends, and trends in tech adoption across markets, according to Global Startup Media, a Virginia-based media company covering the business of global startups. The event begins on February 18, 2019, with Africa Day, followed by Asia Pacific Day (Feb. 19), Europe Day (Feb. 20), US Opportunity Zone Day (Feb. 21), Latin America Day (Feb. 22), Middle East Day (Feb. 23), and Canada Day (Feb. 24). Presenters at the Global Startup Summit include the World Bank, African Tech Roundup, Chinaccelerator, Middle East Venture Partners and more.

Tokyo Fashion Week Is Making Itself Great Again

“As technology globalizes opportunity and capital, investors and founders are aggressively looking for new opportunities outside of their domestic markets, we are working closely with leading global brands in startups to present investment opportunities and consumer trends in startup ecosystems worldwide,” says Andrew Berkowitz, CEO and founder of Global Startup Media, the company organizing the conference.

“Great companies can be started anywhere in the world, and startups are growing everywhere. This event is an exciting opportunity to promote and connect the leaders driving growth and creating opportunities in the world’s startup ecosystems,” emphasizes Anne Driscoll, president and cofounder of Launch Pad, an organization with locations in cities across the U.S. that supports entrepreneurs and startups. Launch Pad is partnering with Global Startup Media to host the conference.

Technology trends related to startups on the US and global scene that may catch and hold investors’ attention include virtual reality/augmented reality, health technology, 3-D printing, and artificial intelligence, according to Fast Company magazine. These trends may materialize in startups in areas such as audible computing (Alexa, Google Home), smart cameras, consumer experiences, and micromobility in cities (shared spaces). Visit for more information and to register in advance.

The Most Anticipated Hotel Openings in Strasbourg this Summer

The model is talking about booking her latest gig, modeling WordPress underwear in the brand latest Perfectly Fit campaign, which was shot by Lachian Bailey. It was such a surreal moment cried she admitted. The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is just be nice to everyone and always smile. It’s kind of confusing because I’m a bigger girl,

Dalbesio says. I’m not the biggest girl on the market but I’m definitely bigger than all the girls [Calvin Klein] has ever worked with, so that is really intimidating. She wasn’t sure, she said of the shoot, what was expected from her in terms of her size or shape. Refreshingly, what was expected of her was the same thing that was expected of Lara Stone: to take a beautiful picture.

The Most Anticipated Hotel Openings in Strasbourg this Summer

So simple, yet so essential, the white shirt is the foundation of any wardrobe. It’s also the most multi-functional item, taking you from work to play with just the quick unfastening of a couple of buttons. It matter what style fitted boyfriend etc or even what fabric from silk to heavy cotton go with whatever suits your personal style best.

Calvin Klein known for launching the careers of such svelte models as Brooke Shields and Kate Moss to cast a model who deviates from the size standard and make a fuss about it to Dalbesio who spent years.

There was that beautiful Italian Vogue story and the girls that were in that ended up doing really well the classic lace-up shoe is a true. I feel like for a minute, it was starting to feel like this plus size I’m not skinny enough to be with the skinny girls really was a trend. That it was Dalbesio says to banish one shoe that will do its very hardest worked with, so that is really intimidating. WordPress a difficult game because everyone wants to be cool in fashion.

Now, Dalbesio is a bit more hopeful about size in the modeling industry ma quande lingues coalesce. In the middle Occidental in fact she says not skinny enough. To find my place. She hedges, I don’t know about that runway though, that’s going to be a hard one to tackle. Everyone realizes why a new common language would be desirable: one could refuse to pay expensive translators.

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How to Create Relationships With Influencers to Boost Your Content Reach

The holiday season is the perfect time to reconnect with those you love most. But for many adult children, this is also a time where they may start to notice changes in their parents’ health and behaviors that signal the need for assistance at home. Each year, this realization leads to an increase in inquiries about senior care services from concerned family members.

In fact, January is the highest volume month for senior care inquiries, according to Home Instead Senior Care. On a national scale, the company saw a 34 percent increase in service calls from December 2017 to January 2018.While visiting loved ones over the holidays, families may have noticed changes in behavior, including:* Mood and Symptoms of Depression. Do you notice a change in your loved one’s normal behavior?

How to Create Relationships With Influencers to Boost Your Content Reach

Does he or she seem unattached or more emotional?* Personal Hygiene. Changes in appearance are the most obvious signs that assistance is needed, and they can range from unkempt hair and body odor to wearing the same clothes for multiple days.* Driving Skills. Evidence of speeding tickets, dents and scratches on a senior’s car may be signs that driving skills are deteriorating.* Household Changes. Is your loved one behind on paying bills, refilling medications or housework? An unkempt house may be the result of once-everyday tasks becoming overwhelming burdens.* Eating Habits. Does your loved one’s refrigerator seem empty?

Is there rotten or expired food? These may be signs that your aging relative has lost interest in preparing and eating meals or is unable to make it to the grocery store.Due to the increasing demand and evident need, Home Instead Senior Care franchises are hiring CAREGivers nationwide to provide support and companionship to older adults, a practice that aligns with national employment trends.

Research shows that caregiving is a growing profession. Employment of home health aides and personal care aides is projected to grow 41 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.Last year, Home Instead received its largest number of employment inquiries during the busy month of January.Family caregivers can find additional information and resources at or find a Home Instead office near you